News & Updates from Silverglade

Silverglade are delighted to welcome Aaron Bell to the team as Online Editor and Colourist.

 Aaron joins us from Fifty Fifty Post - where he worked on projects such as 'Paddington 24/7', 'Break Up of Bands' and 'Climaxed: Series 2'.  

He brings with him valuable skills and in-depth experience with Adobe Premiere Pro - which dovetails perfectly with Silverglade's ambition to be the 'go-to' Premiere Pro finishing facility.  He's hit the ground running with projects including 'The Investigator', 'Dispatches: Britain’s Diesel Scandal' and 'Sleeping Rough' for ITV Tonight.

MD Liz Smith says:

“We've been looking for the right person to expand our Finishing Department  and we’re so pleased to have found Aaron – he's proving to be a real asset to the team. Aaron will complement Laura Hewett (who’s migrated to be our resident Baselight colourist), Nick Handley and Cecile Janet who work so brilliantly in our Audio Department. 

Aaron has a real interest in end-to-end workflows, cameras and getting the very best out of client footage - so we're really looking forward to reaping the benefits of having him with us here at Silverglade".

Welcome to Elizabeth Maj

Elizabeth Maj has recently joined Silverglade from BBC WorldWide in the newly created role of Post Production Project Manager. She will look after all productions end to end making sure they navigate through the facility without a hitch.

Elizabeth trained in dance before realising her true calling was in post production so she traded in ballet shoes for scheduling software and hasn’t looked back!

With creative women making up 75% of the Silverglade Board of Directors, we're celebrating #100vote

You'll also find some amazing & creative women working in Audio and Online/Grade at Silverglade. Meet Liz and Megan at the Broadcast Awards 2018 and discover how Silverglade is the perfect place to get your project moving.

Broadcast Awards 2018 -Documentary Programme sponsored by Silverglade


Winner - Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad

Only the Best Productions for BBC One

A few weeks after losing his wife Rebecca to cancer, former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand announced his retirement from professional football. A year on and still trying to come to terms with his loss while looking after three children, Ferdinand and Only the Best Productions approached the BBC about making a film to explore the issue of bereavement.

In director Matt Smith’s doc, Ferdinand shared his family’s story and met others who had suffered a similar loss. He explored how people cope with the loss of a partner or parent, and why society shrinks from discussing death, grief and bereavement. The film had a significant appeal to young viewers, bringing in 1.2 million 16-34s – nearly four times the average for factual on BBC One. In addition, the programme drew nearly double the average volume of BAME viewers.

On iPlayer, the film amassed 1.3 million requests in seven days, making it one of the biggest factual programmes on the service last year. The judges said the film, which gripped 6.5 million viewers in March, was “beautifully directed” and noted the doc’s ability to take “what could have been an anodyne celeb format” and make it into something special.

“This film is creating an impact rarely seen with such a difficult subject matter. It has encouraged a crossplatform conversation that is the sign of emotionally intelligent film-making,” they added.

Liz Smith & Megan Johnston Return To Silverglade

Liz Smith & Megan Johnston have returned to Silverglade Post Production with new roles.

Liz (who was the General Manager on maternity leave) returned to the company as the newly appointed Managing Director, and will be taking her seat on The Board of Directors. Liz has worked with the CEO Jason Tomkins at Silverglade on and off for the last 8 years.

Liz “is both delighted and flattered to have been offered the role”, and “is looking forward to working with the Silverglade team in this time that will offer a new approach to our post production services”.

Jason Tomkins says “Liz is a great asset for Silverglade, and her role as MD a natural progression for someone with her skills and ability. I’m looking forward to backing her vision and new way of working.

One of Liz’s first appointments sees the return of Megan Johnston as Facilities Director.  Megan has been working for the company for over 5 years, (and after a short time away as senior post producer) will also be taking her seat on the board of directors. Megan is “thrilled to be working with Jason, Liz and the Silverglade team again”, and shares the new outlook for the company.

Working closely with the MD, Megan is a perfect complement for the company; clients and staff have welcomed her return. Liz & Megan will be initially working together to “fill some short term gaps”, and to build on the company’s reputation on what they described as “a new beginning”.

  • Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries ratings sky high

    Silverglade post-produced with pride a top-scoring new series following the former TOWIE regular Samanatha Faiers and her family embrace motherhood with open arms. 

    Ratings soared to 9.9 / 10 for ITVBe's programme - a huge compliment for ITV Potato as well as our talented post-production team. 

  • Sound quality in both audio suites boosted with iZotope RX 5

    Dubbing requires silence so that you can hear what you are mixing and not everything else. We've created a sound mixer's acoustic paradise, set up for 5.1 surround sound.

    Equipped with the latest version of ProTools, the room is calibrated to provide the best possible experience in the crafting of your final soundtrack on the Avid S6 mixing desk.

    We have a line-of-sight VO booth connected to both theatres, which allows you to keep strong rapport with your talent as they record. We also have a vast sound effects library and a collection of plug-ins that can correct a multitude of audio sins and de-noise those tricky records.

    Not content with an excellent audio set up, Theatre 1 also boasts an HD projector and screen so you can see your programmes larger than life as you review your mix from the comfort of our cinema chairs.


    ProTools 12 HD / Source Connect Pro / Soundminer HD+


    Izotope RX6 Advanced / Waves Gold / Nugen VisLM / LM Correct / ISL / Sonnox Oxford Dynamics / EQ / Revibe II

    Monitors / Genelec 1031A

  • The Great Polar Bear Feast - Bulldogs Shortlist

    We are delighted that The Great Polar Bear Feast has been shortlisted for a Bulldog Award for 'Best Specialist Factual'.

    Post Producer Megan Johnston says, "We're so glad to see this project beginning to earn the recognition it deserves in such a hotly contested genre - we were delighted with the way programme looked and sounded and think this is a very well deserved shortlist."

    Full post production services were provided by Silverglade.

  • Documentary Sponsorship Continues

    Silverglade further demonstrate committment to documentary programming by sponsoring the Best Documentary Series category at the 2016 Televisual Bulldog Awards.

    The Bulldog Awards anually showcase the very best of British Television.

  • Avid S6 Control Surface Added

    The 5.1 Dubbing studio at our London location now includes a 16-fader Avid S6 M10 control surface. Our dubbing mixers work on documentary and short-form programmes for the UK’s leading broadcasters, so our equipment needs to be on the cutting edge of technology to meet our client’s demands for world-class work.

    The feedback from staff has been superb and we are excited to demonstrate the benefits that this recent upgrade will have for our clients.


  • New Reference Monitors Throughout our London Facilities

    This top-of-the-range piece of technology is capable of rendering the most accurate highlights and dark areas, offering a full dynamic range of display most digital cameras can capture.